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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Why Salma Noreen?

I ‘Noreen’ empower you to convert your impossible dreams into reality.

  • Top Individual freelancing profile from Pakistan on freelancer.com
  • 10+ years of freelancing experience as Individual and as Team member
  • Completed thousands of Web development & Digital Marketing Projects
  • Passionate Technical & Digital Marketing Trainer
  • 1.5 years of training experience as Trainer at PITB (eRozgaar)
  • ‘Best Non-tech Trainer 2018’ Award Winner
  • Provided professional training to 629 freelancers till date

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Daily Programs

According to this plan, you'll receive professional support four days a week to accomplish your goals.

Weekend Programs

I 'Salma Noreen' offer professional support only on weekend under this program.

Personalized Solution

We can schedule either random two days or Saturday-Sunday as per mutual understanding under this plan.

Latest posts from my blog

Let me know what are you looking for and I will publish my next blog post about that 🙂

Get advice straight to your Twitter feed

I ‘Salma Noreen’ empower you to set milestones, gain clarity, eliminate obstacles and achieve your desired goals. No matter, your goals are about bringing your business online or starting your freelancer career online.

Salma Noreen
@salmanoreen66Dec 09
There was no plan B and so he could fully focus on his plan A. Mr. Jinnah gave us superb life lessons.… https://t.co/NCsVYlzcTn
Salma Noreen
@salmanoreen66Nov 11
Why be happy on "Good" if you have got to be GREAT? I am totally fine to walk the extra mile to make my TODAY bette… https://t.co/5GJQdffFu5
Salma Noreen
@salmanoreen66Nov 01
I support developers, developer conferences, and the people leading these chapters to empower the youth.… https://t.co/Rfb5Ewvlbe

How the process works

I ‘Salma Noreen’ empower you to gain clarity, create milestones, eliminate obstacles and hold you accountable.


Getting to know you


In-depth analysis


Setting Milestones


We're Done!