About - Salma Noreen
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About Me

Salma Noreen Non Tech Trainer Attock PITB - Punjab Information Technology Board

Top Freelancer | Passionate Trainer | Blogger for fun

Salma Noreen Freelancer

One of the Top freelancers from Pakistan with 10+ years of experience. As freelancer, I offer various services online from web development to web content writing and internet marketing too. I take projects from scratch as well as troubleshooting and code fixes into already developed systems.

Salma Noreen Trainer

Training new freelancers to become financially independent to eliminate unemployment. My training sessions contain: motivational speech, detailed discussion on possible opportunities, introduction to freelancing platforms, skills development, and questions/answers.

Salma Noreen Blogger

I was a very successful blogger till few years back but due to my busy schedules, I have sold out many of my blogs already. However, still I run few blogs to have a passive source of income while others to test my custom strategies to update myself with latest and best practices.