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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Pro tips

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Pro Tips for Dummies

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Pro tips

LinkedIn Profile Optimization is essential to gain recruiters and project managers attention on this professional social media platform among millions of professionals in your desired field. Having a LinkedIn profile is a necessity. It is not a matter of time, preference or choice. In this digital era, people don’t feel comfortable to start a normal conversation if they can’t find your identity online. To have a strong professional online presence, LinkedIn is the best platform to get started.

LinkedIn profile optimization for dummies

1. LinkedIn profile, Don’t have one yet? —get it NOW!

Even you are a student, already having a good position or not after any job at the moment for any reason. Still, you should have a well-optimized LinkedIn profile.


How to create a LinkedIn profile?

Well, it’s as easy as counting 1, 2, 3 tingggg; You’re done!

Yeah, simply go to LinkedIn Signup page and keep following the instructions to create yours.

You have joined LinkedIn but upset how to stand out from 400 million professionals? How can you get noticed for your specific field among the big crowd?

2- Never settle on a fuzzy selfie as Linkedin Profile Picture:

Capturing a professional, high-quality, crisp but super-friendly picture isn’t easy. Having a great one can work better on the LinkedIn profile search results page. While you are planning for effective personal-branding, don’t make your journey short by settling with an unprofessional selfie. Investing a little amount to get a perfect-professional headshot would highly be recommended. OR you can save money by requesting your best friend’s honors.

What do we mean by a professional profile picture that attracts the recruiters?
As your profile is your virtual intro to the world and the profile picture is the only item with colors to be noticed first. There are a few essential points to be considered to have a good profile shot:
– Look friendly and approachable
Capture a picture when you have a very relaxed mood so it can convey positive vibes.
– Have a cute smile without showing big teeth
A sweet smile attracts more than a big one. It will leave a positive gesture that others can contact you.
– Face Focused
Bad profile picture examples are full stills; please avoid. Nobody is interested in your styles/dresses or that beautiful background on such a professional platform as LinkedIn is. Try to focus your face; full head can be visible and cover a tiny part of shoulders; that’s more than enough for that small space you’ve got for a profile picture.
– Background
Choose the spot wisely with light colors and less stuff that doesn’t create distractions.

3- Invest a good time about creating your headline

Alright, how can you write down your complete introduction in few words that what do you do? Who are you? What do you love to do? How can you be helpful for others? Or why can one contact you? Think Hard. You get space for typing only 120 characters to share about you, right below your name on the LinkedIn profile page. Whatever, you will put here will shape up your image as the first impression in your visitors’ mind about you. Use this space wisely by describing your professional focus.
Pro tip: your most recent or current job title will become your tagline automatically by default; you have to fix it. Your job title or the employer name will not always be helpful to convey your career focus as clear and convincing as you can by customizing it.

Content Marketing & Advertising Trainer at eRozgaar, PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board)


WordPress Developer | Trainer | Freelancer | | Public Speaker | Blogger | Content Marketer | LinkedIn Profile Optimizer

Above are the two examples of my taglines, and both are correct but which one is more career-focused than other?

4- Get a Custom URL

After, creating account on LinkedIn, you will have clunky words and numbers which LinkedIn assigns every user randomly when one register.  It is really important customize it by making it easy to remember, types or clicked. As LinkedIn Profile URL must be included in every job application as contact info.

Right after signup your profile URL can be something similar to

Check yours and get back to article to continue reading…

How it looks?

Not so cool, yes?

Alright, here is mine:

Salma Noreen 66 = 6th of June (my Birthday)

So, my profile url is cool, easy to remember now?

Or if we compare mine with the above one, which one will be easier to be typed into the browser?

Well, Let’s fix yours!

Go to home page and follow the screens

Custom URL LinkedIn

Edit URL







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